Our Philosophy.

Our Philosophy.

Do you ever wonder what your medical provider’s philosophy is? You should – it intimately effects their method of care.

Philosophies can address a number of core questions: How do we treat disease? How do we prevent disease? Will this procedure take care of the problem? Is there a way to enable the body to heal itself?

What if I told you, as your dentist, I would be happy if I never did another root canal or crown? My core philosophy is this: The best dentistry is no dentistry. That may sound like a contradiction compared to what some understand my profession to be. Yet, I have been in practice for 33 years, and this is always what I come back to.

Did you know about 80 percent of root canals can be prevented? There are so many things that, if detected early, can be treated conservatively and relatively inexpensively. How? Easy: If you need dental treatment, wouldn’t you want a restoration that not only preserves good tooth structure but also adds material that functions like a natural tooth? Of course! When your dentist is committed to providing this sort of treatment, your mouth’s health is preserved and enabled to fight off disease with its natural defenses.

I have recently recommitted to learning more advanced techniques in biomimetic dentistry – focusing on more natural and less invasive treatment methods. Biomimetic Dentistry conserves the existing tooth structure rather than just replacing it, offering a treatment option that is more sustainable and long-lasting. My practice was built on these principles, but I’m now taking the next step to improve my skills even more. I am always seeking a better way to care for patients. If our philosophies align, you might be a good fit for this practice.

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