Fillings Can Repair Tooth Decay

Fillings Can Repair Tooth Decay

Learning that you’re suffering from some form of tooth decay, however mild, isn’t ever a pleasant thing to hear. You’ll often first think of the expense associated with tooth decay. From root canals to implants to bridges, it’s easy to imagine a sky-high cost just to repair even the smallest amount of tooth decay.

However, there’s a little-known truth that can put your mind at ease: often, a common filling can repair a small-to-modest sized amount of tooth decay.

The process is pretty simple. Before starting the procedure your [practice_name] dentist will numb the area.

Once the tooth and surrounding gum tissues are thoroughly numb and you are comfortable, the dentist will use a drill to remove all of the tooth decay, to provide a clean surface for the filling that is to come.

The tooth’s primary function and appearance in your smile, will determine which material the dentist recommends for the filling. Common filling materials include gold, amalgam, composite plastic or porcelain. Amalgam and composite materials can be directly applied to the cavity, while gold and porcelain fillings require two appointments.

If you have any sort of tooth pain, or are concerned that a cavity may be causing your pain, you need to contact [practice_name] today to schedule a consultation appointment. Dr. [doctor_name] will discuss with you the options present to help your tooth decay, and hopefully a filling is all you need to get back to feeling your best self.

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