Biomimetic Dentistry

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Just recently I have been reminded that I am not as young as I think I look. We have been making many improvements in our office over the past year and a half, and I guess to some it looks like, I’m getting ready to retire?  The answer to that question is a big NO, but I have decided that if this is the last half of my career, I should focus on the things that I love to do. Anyone that knows me or has been a patient of mine, knows that one of my main priorities for my patients is to preserve tooth structure. I recently attended a conference (Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry), where this is the main focus. Even though this has been an emphasis of my practice for over 20  years, I was exposed to some things that helped me to see that I can do even better. I have made a commitment to invest, focus and expand my knowledge and experience in biomimetic dentistry.  Oh—–you might be asking, what is biomimetic dentistry?  Its basically using adhesive techniques to mimic life, or the natural tooth. What are the benefits? : Conserve tooth structure; no more conventional crowns; many times root canals can be avoided; in the long run, the cost for dental treatment is less——Who wouldn’t want that? I have no idea. Why doesn’t every dentist practice this way?  I can’t answer that, but I do know that these techniques do take more time, and are more complicated.  To me, this is the only way to do dentistry. I encourage you to Google, biomimetic dentistry. Come by our office to discuss this or pick up a brochure on it. If you are interested in any way how you could save your teeth and avoid crowns or root canals, please let us know.